Food addiction: silent enemy that exposes you to diseases

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If you are unable to control your appetite and have impulses to eat large amounts of food at all hours of the day, be careful! You could suffer a food addiction. According to the specialist Marcelo Acsebrud, this psychological disorder “is increasingly serious and occurs more frequently”, and although it is complicated there are signs that can help detect that someone has the problem, among which are:

  • A sudden weight gain
  • Not stop eating
  • Bingeing during the day or night
  • Sneak or hide food

Acsebrud said that overeating has most of the characteristics of other addictions and that when dealing with the problem, there is a point that is complicated to control and that requires all the possible willpower of the patient:

In all addictions, the first rule is total abstinence. However, this has the peculiarity that we need to continue eating to live, so one is returning again and again to food, several times a day.

The function of food is to give nutrients to the body and the energy needed to develop daily activities, not to use it as entertainment or as a manifestation of anxiety. Addiction to overfeeding has no cure, according to the expert:

Data provided by Dr Cecilia, from the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service of the Dexeus Clinic in Barcelona, ​​indicate: “Up to 30 percent of people suffering from obesity have a binge eating disorder, inability to control the consumption of large amounts of food”, and many others “channel their anxiety through a food addiction”:

Some people get up at night with an anxiety crisis and devour the first thing they find, even a whole pack of butter.

To treat food addiction, experts consider it necessary:

  1. Accept the problem.
  2. Find a specialist to provide a healthy diet and help channel emotions.
  3. Exercise
  4. Have patience and perseverance.

Famous fast food addicts

Celebrities are not saved from the temptation of food, mainly with high-calorie content. Some examples are:

Britney Spears

The artist had a crisis in 2008 that awakened an addiction to junk food and gained more than 12 kilos.

Jennifer Lopez

The singer lost her figure by consuming in excess tacos, hamburgers and pizzas.

Kim Kardashian

The businesswoman has confessed that her addiction to fast food is so much that she can’t help eating hamburgers.

Nicole Richie

The fashion designer was the victim of an eating disorder that led her to eat everything.

Paris Hilton

The socialite and heiress of the Hilton empire confessed that she is fascinated by hamburgers and fries since she was a child. So much was her addiction that when she was in prison, she asked her friends to bring her junk food.