Friends after 10 years are forever, they even become family

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Many times we use the word “friend” with some lightness; without stopping to think if someone, in particular, is a true friend. Learn to recognize them. The true friends provide support and encouragement with comments. Someone once told me “loves you will find many, but true friends. The true friends make you feel needed, safe and happy.

A true friend crosses the barriers of time and distance. Friends are an important part of our lives; with them, we laugh, cry and spend moments that become unforgettable. Of course, this only happens when we have a true friendship, which manages to overcome the barriers of time and even distance.

Over the years, people begin to generate bonds of friendship; however, not everyone stays in our lives. Most of these friendships begin while we are in high school, and it is those who last a lifetime, becoming a family.

When you meet someone since your teens, until they reach adulthood, that person has seen all your changes, both emotional and physical. They know if you lost weight, gained weight, changed your lifestyle and of course how many times your heart was broken. Best of all, after a while, they just laugh at what they have lived.

After living so many years with a person and gaining your trust, one simply becomes part of the family. It is so much the bond that unites them that even your parents treat him like one more child and it is not for less, that person has shared with you even much more than a brother.

Another thing that happens with long friendships is that grief practically does not exist. They know you as you are, with all your flaws and so they accept you, they love you and most importantly respect you. 

When a friendship is real, it doesn’t even matter if they are separated, they will always have time to see each other again and will stay connected despite the distances.

Friends are an important part of our lives, without them, life would be boring, and we would not have adventures to tell when we get old. If you have a friend for more than 10 years, surely you found a person who will really be for you the rest of their lives.