Friends decide not to have a birthday party and donate money to help with cancer

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Since childhood, this pair of friends are aware that some sacrifices can be made that help people who go through difficult circumstances, such as being sick with cancer.

Rhome Pearce and Ryley Bahara are about to turn 10, which means a lot of excitement for having a big party with all their friends and receiving gifts, but they decided that what could be spent on their festivities was better donated to a research institution on cancer, which has surprised everyone.

They asked their parents not to invest in the party, and their family and friends not to buy gifts, but to donate that money to a noble cause such as knowing more about cancer in order to fight it.

Rhome celebrates his birthday on July 26 and Riley on August 9, so there is a good time to gather a good amount of resources, in addition to participating in the children’s Pretty Muddy, an obstacle course in which children try their best and in which resources are also obtained for this cause.

Ryley and Rhome spoke at the school on January 29. They were talking about their birthdays and said they wanted to help others this year, instead of receiving, since they already have everything they need.

Ryley spoke with his mother, who then phoned me and told me that she had been looking for charities with Ryley and that cancer had been the one they had decided to make the race for life, which they think will be fun.

Some of my family members have had cancer, and we have also lost some, and I have a hysterectomy. That was the charity they wanted to help.

—Kirsty Pearce, Rhome’s mom

The cost of the party that they would do to Rhome was about 200 dollars, so that will donate, and with that of his friend, there are already 400. The goal is that they can gather about 4,000 dollars, so they expect that with that gather family and friends can do it.

Parents cannot be more proud of their children’s decision, so they are supporting them with everything in this initiative. At the moment, they are already halfway through their goal.