These hidden messages are just cute and amazing

There are surprises in packages

The hidden messages of some companies are just genius.

Just One Of A Kind

Talk about clever marketing. They actually create a positive reinforcement directly tied to their product, and ensure not only repeat customers, but viral advertising. The world needs more of this.

This comes from Gourmet Foods, Pakistan’s largest retail chain of food products. It has seven processing units across the country. It has outlets in Multan and Jalalpur. It also has international outlets which are located in London and one in New York City.


It’s not every night you go to a concert and have this on your can. Carbonated water is pretty much club soda and it goes well with vodka. The water used includes quinine. Carbonation is the process that causes water to become effervescent.

All forms of this water brand are available in ready-to-drink bottles. However, some can also be prepared at home by using a soda maker.

That’s Strong Fashion Admiration Right There

Clearly, this isn’t for guys because it says “princess” but I think they got their point across. Clothing labels shouldn’t have to tell us something about ourselves. Labels have many uses like providing information on a product’s origin, but that’s nowhere to be found here.

It’s becoming more and more rare for people to actually check out the label before tossing it in the washing machine, but there are obvious reasons why you should be checking out the label. In many countries, hazardous products such as poisons or flammables must have a warning label.

Don’t Look Down There

No one should look at the bottom of Innocent coconut water, ok. What? it’s not your fault it’s so delicious. The clear liquid inside coconut serves as a suspension for the endosperm of the coconut during the nuclear phase of development.

Fresh coconuts are harvested from the tree while they are green. A hole may be bored into the coconut to provide access to the liquid along with the meat inside of it too.

This Raincoat With A Floral Pattern

April showers bring May flowers. This is so innovative and artistic. This was a great way to turn a basic raincoat into two raincoats in one! It’s a perfect way to make the most of getting caught in the rain without the need for pina coladas.

Something like this would make a very cool Aunt or Uncle, to say the least. I would get caught out in the rain way more if it turns my bland jacket into something so beautiful.

PETA Might Not Get It

They might fit some large fluffy dogs like an Old English Sheepdog. PETA might not get the joke, but it’s not your fault they lack a sense of humor. To clarify, Top Gear is actually pretty good.

The retailer started out as a boutique in the sixties by James Wedge and Pat Booth. It was an influential shop to say the least. Marianne Faithfull, Mick Jagger, and The Beatles were all fans of the clothing brand.

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