These restaurant signs are just brutally honest!

I bet a lot of people are eating in these restos, lol!

These restaurant signs are just epic!

Finally, A Helpful Yelp Review

Photo credit: @heyshanmurphy / Twitter

Authentic Thai food that’s also one of the best dining spots in D.C.? This sign has me sold.

And Alexa really hit the nail on the head with her comment that she’s probably “too white” for this Thai restaurant. Most Yelp reviews are just people complaining about service. This one is a bit different and possibly helpful.

I Didn’t Need Convincing, But It Worked

Photo credit: Reddit

I lose all my willpower when it comes to pizza, but apparently, there are some people out there who can stay strong and still need some convincing.

Even if you’re one of those unique human beings, this sign will change your mind right away. Lion King and pizza is the new Netflix and chill.

This Is Why You Can’t Take Cats Anywhere

Photo credit: littlewolff / Imgur

A lot of me think cats are Satan’s curse on the world, but this bar sign perfectly explains why cats are misunderstood. Cats aren’t trying to break everything we own. It’s just their way of relaxing after a long week of eating and sleeping.

At least you know this bar likely has an endless supply of whiskey.

It’s not just your neighborhood pub that gets in on the action, this bar across the border knows how to have fun.

This Soup Has A Little Too Much Salt

Photo credit: @marcusgipps / Twitter

Not only is serving the tears of your enemies sound way too salty but if its soup of the day then you’re going to run out quickly.

How many enemies does this restaurant have? Whoever wrote this sign must have some serious beef going on with all the nearby bars.

East Coast Represents

Photo credit: @ohnaznaz / Instagram

It’s not the advertising that I ever thought Biggie Smalls would end up being used for, but it works surprisingly well. The rapper was known for being Notoriously overweight, so Biggie the Piggie isn’t the worst comparison you could make.

A nice lean pork chop with a twice baked potato can be pretty hypnotizing.

Texas Isn’t That Bad

Photo credit: @JennaTMo / Twitter

This bar sign found in Mexico shows America just how much the Mexicans know they can party harder. All that Cinco De Mayo stuff they do in America has nothing on Mexico’s year-round party atmosphere.

Why else would every college girl in America migrate there for a week each March?

This sign coming up reminds you of all the bad decisions you’ve made in your past life, and it works.

Galentine’s Day Mood

Photo credit: @funnybarsigns / Instagram

Who needs a partner who eternally loves, supports, and respects you when you have wine? This sign is calling out to all the single millennials who can barely afford rent but can still afford wine at the bar.

Ladies, enjoy it while you can. Soon you’ll reach the age where drinking wine at 4 pm at the bar doesn’t make you look cute, it makes you look like a cougar.

Send That Beer Straight To Voicemail

Photo credit: @bananabreadbabe / Instagram

Beer is like that person you hooked up with at your friend’s birthday that doesn’t understand it was a one night stand. And your response is always the same.

You avoid the annoying texts all week until they call on Friday and you say “hey, it’s the weekend, why not?”

Dori Speaking The Harsh Truth

Photo credit: @funnybarsigns / Instagram

Sometimes someone hits you with the stick of truth, and it hurts. When it comes to alcohol and bad decisions, I have roughly the same memory as Dori.

Yeah sure, let’s completely disregard the fact last time I did five Jägerbombs I texted my ex and ate a family size bag of Doritos.

The next bar sign is inclusive of dogs, but not of all people.

What About The Tall People With Low Standards?

Photo credit: @ellenvonm / Instagram

This bar sign starts sweet, turns savage, and ends with you standing there wondering why you’re excluded from something you don’t even want to be a part of.

Just because I’m tall doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to have free water like dogs and short people. Justice for tall people!

We’re All Homer Simpson On The Inside

Photo credit: @funnybarsigns / Instagram

A lot of us want to think we’re nothing like Homer, but in reality, America loves The Simpsons because it’s eerily relatable. Just think about how many people reading this sign work a meaningless job to get by, and love coffee, beer, and cake.

This bar knew it had to tap into our deepest desires, and they did it perfectly.

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