Game Of Thrones Themed Wedding Ideas

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If you are about to plan your wedding and are a fan of the Game of Thrones series, these ideas can make you have the wedding of your dreams.

We have brought you the best ideas for your wedding: invitations, dress and even the decoration of the reception inspired by Game of Thrones, but with great elegance so that all of you and your guests have an experience like no other.

Here are the amazing ideas to have a Game of Thrones wedding


Choose papers with textures or dark but elegant colors such as blue, red, brown. You can ask the designer to use stamps to personalize them like these, similar fonts, and make prints with golden foil.


We will fall in love with this dress with a classic and elegant style! It reminds us too much of Daenerys, and bareback will make you look super sensual, it has details on the shoulder pads that make it not look so simple.

Another option may be to choose one with transparencies and applications. It will look perfect with a collected hairstyle or half-tail like this. Your bridesmaids can wear shades like these or opt for ones like purple, turquoise, or navy blue.

If you like the romantic wave but just as elegant as Emilia Clarke looks in the series, look at this princess cut dress with lace frills and sleeves with transparencies and top applications.


Tell your guests the entrance to the wedding reception with a dragon statue and a sign.

This arch of branches can be the perfect ornament for the ceremony if you plan on doing it in a garden outside the city.

To decorate the chairs you don’t need to get too complicated, look at these painted wooden ornaments, worthy of a Game of Thrones wedding. Is there anything more romantic than this?


Let no one gets lost! Use the names of the Game of Thrones houses to separate your guests by tables. You can use the map of the series and send a sign like this.


Simple but very inspired by the wave of dragons. If you look closely, dragon eggs are colored pineapples. For the dishes, look for a golden color, and you have to send the signs and other printed details.


Flowers in dark colors such as carmine red, purple, and wood carved in the form of bones, will give an elegant touch to the tables of the room. If you don’t want to spend too much.

Metal cutlery in gold color, old cups, napkins with details, and even the tablecloth in synthetic animal fabric. How are you?

The decoration of your table can be as rustic or elegant as you intend, look at these candles in glass cups inside wooden logs. They will look fantastic if you put some branches next to them and some lights.


We will not find a cake more beautiful than this. It has dragon scales on one of the most elegant and minimalist floors and finishes on the other two floors, with nature details to give it a wonderful touch.

With these ideas, we even want to get married!