Gardening is the best therapy during the home lockdown

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How right our grandmothers were when they told us about the wonders of plants; they fill each corner with tranquillity, they heal, heal, relax. In short, they give us absolute peace.

If you have never thought about doing a little gardening, perhaps it is time to try it, you will see that it is an excellent therapy to feel happy and make the energy flow throughout your house.

Plants make us happier

By taking care of another living being, you get an immense feeling of well-being: you calm down, take off your stress and get in touch with yourself, for at least a few hours.

In this time, where confinement can challenge our physical and emotional health, getting closer to plants could be a good way to cope with loneliness. You don’t need a huge garden, having one or two plants or a small space of nature is more than enough.

The effects of nature on the body and soul

A study conducted in Japan compared how it is to walk 15 minutes through a forest and through an urban environment. Two groups of people who walked through different parts of the city were divided, and it was found that people who were in forests experienced less anxiety, fatigue, confusion and depressive symptoms.

Maybe now you can’t go out into the forest, but if just a short walk in nature gives you so many benefits, now imagine living with her at least half an hour a day at home. A very good idea is to build small vertical gardens that do not take up much space and can be made from recycled materials.

Such a vertical garden is perfect

It can be small

See how they fill each corner with light

Even wooden hanging boxes are an excellent choice

Plants fill the whole house with good vibes