Genius organized a fake assault in a store to ask his girlfriend to marry him

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All men want to do something very original to ask the great question of our beloved, but there is a very thick line between the romantic and the terrifying that this man dared to cross as long as his proposal was unique and unforgettable.

This genius asked for help to create a whole fake robbery in a store in Boston, United States, which by chance he and his partner arrived. The surveillance cameras of the place captured the moment of this chilling marriage proposal.

While they were looking for some beers, an “armed robber” approached the local employee and asked him to hand over the money from the store. Then the couple became aware of the assault, and the thief threatened them with a gun to force them to go to the back of the store. The woman was very scared.

The thief looked very nervous and started talking to the couple. He asked them if they had children and their ages. They replied that they were the parents of three children of fourteen, six and two years. The pickpocket told them that they couldn’t have a family because she did not have a wedding ring and they were not married.

The criminal then took a small box out of his pocket and handed it to the man. Kneeling down and at gunpoint, the guy showed the ring from the box to his partner and asked if she would marry him.

Little by little, she realized that everything had been planned and began to calm down. In the end, she said yes, that she was going to kill him for his terrible idea. After a few days, the guy offered his wife a public apology for this bad joke.

Thanks to my beloved future wife for having a great sense of humor about this. I would also like to apologize for a few things. First, I just wanted you to be scared, not terrified. Second, I am very sorry that you marry such an idiot (I can’t wait for you to see what I have planned for the wedding).

When you are ready to ask the woman of your dreams to marry, you have to discard some ideas that can be too extreme, and this one should be one of the first to be discarded. This is the video where you can see the terrible proposal that nobody should ever try.