Germany chooses a 35-year-old mom as a beauty queen

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Beauty contests are alway full of perfect girls with stunning curves and lovely faces in full bloom of youth, and due to the lack of representation of “”ordinary”” women, the popularity of these contests has decreased.

But Germany understood that “”if you don’tdon’t renew yourself, you die”” and set the example by choosing Leonie von Hase, a 35-year-old mother, and businesswoman as a beauty queen.

Leonie, the face of the common woman

The newly crowned Miss Germany 2020 is originally from Namibia, Africa, is 35 years old, is the mother of a son, owner of a vintage clothing store, and a graduate in Creative Brand Strategy who also studied English Theater and Literature.

Are women who want to take part in beauty shows less emancipated than women who do not? No. This is what the Miss Germany contest intends to prove. It became more modern, more politically correct, and more digital than ever. “The new Miss Germany (contest) is emancipation,” Max Klemmer says. He is the CEO of MGC, the company that organizes the event.

Queen in her free time

A crown will not change the 35-year-old businesswoman. She expressed that she will not be the typical Miss and that her priorities will be the same as before receiving the award: her company, her son, and her husband.

She will remain true to herself and dedicate only part of her time to her work as a queen, unlike her predecessors, who took a sabbatical year to fulfill the agenda that the title entails.

My participation came from the full conviction and support for the change of the concept of Miss Germany. Women are no longer interested in pursuing a conventional standard of beauty. Our charm is born of strength, character, and authenticity. As a winner of a certain age, it is important for me to be an example that success in life is not only achieved by finding your vocation early in life.

An inclusive contest

Leonie’sLeonie’s triumph is epic, as she is the oldest winner in the 93 editions of the contest. This was made possible by the fact that Miss Germany Corporation eliminated restrictions that prevented the participation of mothers, wives, pregnant women, and older women.

Also, in the jury, there was not a single man, and the informal fashion category replaced the walk-in swimsuit because the organizers wanted to represent their new motto “queen of inner beauty.”