Giving a mobile to a child under 10 is an act of irresponsibility: psychologists

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We are a new generation, doing things in a very different way compared to the generation of our parents, and clearly that there are huge variations from one to another. But the truth is that many times we do not imagine or are aware that what we do sometimes is not entirely correct.

Some of us are already mothers, and we know that it is often difficult to know how to keep our children entertained or occupied while we do household chores, or simply spend time with ourselves, so we turn to the old reliable: give them our cell phone and have fun, but do you know everything that hurts them doing that?

It is a huge ‘family irresponsibility.’

Although it is already very normal to see that children have their own phone, tablet, or video game console, a child psychologist describes it as a ‘serious lack of responsibility’ because it ensures that children under ten should not have their own smartphone.

Mobile devices generate dopamine, a neurotransmitter that produces pleasure quickly. In some cases, it can even cause an addiction that has just encouraged aggressive behavior in situations that require some kind of personal effort or when its use is prohibited.

As we are the first generation of mothers and young fathers who use technology as a distraction for infants, there is no research that proves the long-term neuronal damage caused in children.

Technology is everywhere

We are the generation that grew along with technology but, although today we use for almost all our smartphone, our children were born and are growing up in a world where everything is really just a click away.

Many children do not relate to others because they prefer to spend hours on YouTube or their consoles or create relationships with ‘friends’ who have met through online games or social networks, so it really is not personal interaction.

What does it generate in children?

It can cause an addiction in minors, this if its use is for more than 8 hours per week, thus generating antisocial behavior in minors, in addition to each time they seek emotions of greater impact for them (online games, for example).

How to avoid it?

One of the most important tasks of us as parents in teaching children to think and make decisions, so they will be responsible for their actions and their consequences.

And the second task is to set an example, we must show interest and pay attention to what children do, so it is important to put aside the excessive use of our phone when we are with them.