Granddaughter surprises her grandfather in the middle of the quarantine

Despite the isolation and concerns, there are still people who are giving us tender and emotional stories, such as Carly Boyd and her grandfather. They both had an excellent relationship, and she constantly visited him in the nursing home where he is, and he was always happy that his granddaughter visited him.

A few days ago, it was declared that no one could enter or leave the nursing home, but that did not stop Carly from going there, standing in front of her grandfather’s window, and giving her the beautiful news that she was engaged.

Love is unstoppable

Carly couldn’t enter the place, but through the window, she showed him the engagement ring that her boyfriend had recently given her. She wanted to protect him, but she also wanted him to share her happiness.

When I got to the nursing home, I ran around the building to get to his bedroom window. The staff of the place raised the blinds. I pointed to my ring and apprehended I was engaged!

He was lying down eating ice cream, but he got up to get a better view of my ring, then he put his hand on the window, and I put mine, there we collapsed.

The staff at the Lake Waccamaw home helped her.

Carly Boyd maintains a close relationship with Mahala, director of the home, so she asked him to raise the blinds so that he could personally break the news to his grandfather.

He was so happy that he asked me: ‘When is the wedding?’ My grandfather feels trapped right now due to all the restrictions. We both said we love each other. It was a really emotional moment.

These news give us back faith in humanity.

Although we are experiencing a very difficult situation worldwide, it is time to take precautions and avoid exposing those who are most vulnerable. However, we also have to demonstrate that love can do everything and that we should not forget the people we love.

When people think about going out and having a good time this weekend, I hope they realize that others are sacrificing very personal relationships and the well-being of their loved ones to keep everyone safe.

Carly Boyd hopes to be able to marry her fiance over Christmas this year.

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