Grandfather and granddaughter dance every day separated by a street due to quarantine

Quarantine unites some and distances others, although affection always makes it possible to find a way to be with the ones you love the most. Of course, keeping a healthy distance.

Every day in Nashville, United States, a beautiful meeting takes place between a grandfather and his granddaughter, who each dance from their side of the street to avoid any risk.

Kira is six years old, and her grandfather Marvin Neely, 80, and despite the quarantine, they found a way to see and have fun together every day.

It was Sherrie Neely, Kira’s mother, who made this story known.

I have never posted it on Facebook … but I love this video! This is the street that separates my house from my parent’s house, and they generally intersect several times during the day.

Kira loves her “granddad” so much, and now they have started daily “dances” since the virus keeps them apart. My dad will be 81 next month, and I have never seen him dance before, but he is really trying hard and has some special moves!

I’m sure the workers think we are crazy!

—Sherrie Neely

Immediately this post went viral, and it is that right now, the truth is that people enjoy this type of content with hopeful messages that nothing can beat love and that sooner or later, all this will happen.

The woman was surprised by all the reactions that the video of her father and daughter has had, and it is that the truth is very funny and above all, full of love.

Let’s hope that throughout the world, these are the images that are replicated, because surely love, fun, and hope will be the best formula to go through this crisis.

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