Grandfather bored by quarantine made giant replicas of his favorite board games

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Andy John is 49 years old, and he is dedicated to building garden fences, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, he has had to stay home, although since he is very active, he went to work in his own garden.

As a way to have fun and get out of the boredom of quarantine, this man set about building large, 3D replicas of his favorite arcade games .

Using the materials available to him, such as wood, bottles, pots, and tools, among others, he set out to create the scenarios and then launched into play.

I’m just bored. Anyone who knows me and sees this would not be so surprised. I can’t do anything right now. I had to stop working, and I needed something to ease the boredom.

I used to play arcade games as a kid, so much of my inspiration comes from there; the rest is random.


At some points in the game, he left notes with activities such as “watching television” or “eating toast with beans,” so that each person who arrived at them had to carry out the actions described.

The games grew out of that idea. I don’t really think about what game I should do, I just think about the idea, build it all and play it. I don’t test it or anything, and I don’t plan them before I build them, I don’t practice anything.

He made replicas of Snakes and Ladders but also of more elaborate ones such as Pac-Man, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders, among others.

My nephew keeps telling me to do Kerplunk !, but I don’t have a bag full of balls, I have to improvise with what I have.

I also want to make Tetris, but I only have a lot of wood, and I would have to make it fit. I think Hungry Hippos would be quite easy to do. Many people like the Donkey Kong game. I think it’s because of what my legs look like when I jump up and down.

I have two large, long ropes to lift the platform, so I was going to try to do a Donkey Kong Country, where I swing throughout the garden, but I’m going to try to figure that out first.

Andy’s creations have gone viral on social networks, and, according to his wife, his creativity has no limits, and now that he found this new hobby, he is making the most of it.

Maybe when the pandemic passes, they’ll hire him to build these games in people’s gardens, and not just fences or the like.