Grandpa buys school bus to take his 10 grandchildren to school

Doug Hayes gave his ten grandchildren the best Christmas gift, one that didn’t fit under the tree: the “Grandfather Express,” a school truck to take them to school every morning.

The little ones attend a school in Gladstone, Oregon, in the United States, which has no buses to transport their students, so this gift was perfect. On the one hand, the boys would enjoy a fun trip and, on the other, Doug would spend more time with them.

A single birthday wish

In June, while celebrating Doug’s 59th birthday, Amy Hayes – wife of the world’s best grandfather – asked the man what his plans were now that he could be considered “officially old.” Days later came with the answer: I just wanted a bus.

A month before Christmas they found a small truck that fits their budget, they equipped it with safety belts, they painted it, they decorated it with children’s ornaments, and that’s it!

All aboard!

Doug has it all coldly calculated, before going to work he will pick up the little ones at the door of their houses and take them safe and sound to the entrance of the school. Then continue with his day until it is time to leave to go for them.

”I thought maybe there was a way to give them memories to enjoy the rest of their life. It is a small bus where we will sing songs, talk and have fun. They will be unforgettable moments.”

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