Granny asks for beer from her window and they give her 150 cans

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The isolation imposed to control the contagion by COVID-19 has not been so bad for some, and Olive Veronesi, a 93-year-old granny, proved this by becoming a trend to make her priorities clear in times of pandemic.

With a sign saying, “I need more beer!” Olive was photographed in the window of her house, showing a wide smile and hoping that someone would answer her pleas.

Everyone has their priorities.

Olive saw her beer stock was running out, and she had to do something about it, so she had a great idea.

I was taking my last 12 cans when I realized I couldn’t go any further, and I would run out of supplies. I take a can every night because the beer has vitamins, it is good for you as long as you do not overdo it.

Olive made a sign asking for help, she was photographed by one of her neighbors, who did not hesitate to upload the photo to social networks, where she received hundreds of comments offering help.

I love happy endings

When everything seemed lost, and Olive thought about rationing her last cans, her favorite beer company Coors Light gave her 150 cans to the door of her home, enough to survive five months in quarantine without worry.

Cheers, sister!

Olive made her priorities clear, and more than one of us felt identified with her. Now we just have to wait for our pleas to be heard in the same way to provide meetings from the roof or the balcony.