Grieving man quits job to travel the world with pet ferret

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Losing a loved one can destroy your world completely; If you don’t believe it, then you have to meet Charlie Hammerton. Within a year he lost his mother, his adoptive mother and his best friend, so he was in a great depression until he made a decision that changed his life.

He quit his job, sold all his properties, including three cars. With his savings, he bought a motorhome and embarked on an adventure throughout Europe next to his ferret called Bandit. Thanks to this, Charles now feels more relieved and finally understands that life still makes sense.

Charlie lost important people in his life.

In March 2017 his mother died, later his friend Will Moss died when he was only 22 years old, and that same year Charlie’s adoptive mother died of a heart attack. He was so depressed that he had suicidal thoughts. During an interview, he revealed how he felt:

It was horrible for me, and I didn’t want to get into the routine. I thought about killing myself a couple of times. I didn’t know who to turn to. It took me a lot of courage to make the decision to leave. I had a lot of savings, and I sold my cars, then I took Bandit and left.

Together they undertook a journey without return.

It was terrific travelling with Bandit. He has seen me at my best and worst moment and has always been with me, against all the odds. The trip was completely liberating, and I really had an amazing experience.

As with a dog, Bandit has his collar and a leash. He walks for a few meters, but when he gets cold and tired, he jumps inside my jacket or into the heat.

They visited 14 countries.

In two years, Bandit and I went from having our first walk together to visit 14 countries together, numerous BBC studios, winning awards and above all to see life better.

Carrying him through warm countries was a challenge, so we used to carry a cold bag with us everywhere so he could keep warm, especially in places like Pompeii. Brandit ate croquettes, raw eggs and occasionally meat.

Thanks to Bandit his mental health improved

The trip was completely liberating, and I really had an amazing experience. I needed to go out and do something for me. It is easy to get caught in a routine, but there is no need to do so. I feel so much better for what I did.

After the trip, Charlie created a business.

I started a company called Adventure Bandits, in which I train and teach children to deal with animals, so they learn from nature and develop strengths through the ancient bushcraft skill. It is immensely rewarding. Therefore, now my only adventures are to inspire people from all over the world and continue with the essence of smiling and helping them find a reason to be happy.