Harry and Meghan spend millions renovating their new home

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Imagine for a moment that you are rich and you no longer know what to spend all your money on. Do they have it in their minds? 

The expenses of the Dukes of Sussex

They get the 4.4 million bill. But do not worry, they have a solution, instead of paying for everything from their pocket they can use the money that the people of their country have been paying in the form of taxes. Problem solved, right? Well, it seems that this is what happened when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided that it was time to give their humble home a new homely touch.

Harry and Meghan’s new house: Frogmore Cottage

Of course, the new house of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, named “Frogmore Cottage,” seems more humble than the residences of some of their relatives. But don’t be fooled! Just check the renewal price of this “little cabin” with only five rooms! The figures are around $ 4.4 million. You can buy a beautiful brand new house for that amount, or even two!

The subjects react to the expenses of Harry and Meghan

Now hold on, the best part is coming. Obviously, people did not remain silent in the face of such a situation. How could they do it if it was their money? Both Harry and Meghan have quite attractive figures, and with enough money in their bank accounts, come on, they could have paid for the complete renovation themselves, especially after being so independent and having rejected the property that the queen herself had given them away. I have no doubt why the citizens were so angry.

How does the English Crown pay for their lifestyle?

However, this whole situation with taxes is somewhat more complicated. The renovation was paid with the money the queen receives from the government. Honestly, Curious, I would explain how this whole system works, so you will have to believe me! In the end, it turns out that taxes are safe! Meghan didn’t touch a penny to buy a blue carpet.

The curious anecdote of the dog and the luxurious carpet of the dukes

Speaking of carpets, this sure seems much more entertaining! Meghan and Harry threw away their luxurious carpet that was shattered by their dogs on a rainy day when they returned home with their muddy feet! Don’t these people have cleaning products? I know! That was also my first thought!

But it seems that the carpet was too delicate and the damage too large, so there was no choice but to change it. Can you imagine the face of the cleaner when the royal couple came home while they tried to clean the stain as much as they could?

But hey, I don’t think they bother you too much, just a little sign on a check from their real bank account and walking! No problem, listen! Meghan recently made a surprise visit to a baseball game, bringing a set of $ 1,700! “And what was she wearing that was so expensive,” Well, it was simply a black dress and flat shoes! Quoting the Kardashian: “People are dying out there!”