Having a good relationship with mom helps you avoid harmful relationships: study

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They say that your mother is like your best friend because she not only cares for you and protects you, but also advises you, and no matter what happens, she is always there for you, with unconditional love no matter how old you are.

We seldom realize all the benefits that having a good relationship with our mothers allows us. And to further appreciate this fact, a study conducted at the University of Buffalo, in New York, United States, revealed that maintaining that special connection with our mothers from a young age can prevent us from having violent relationships when we grow up.

How does the relationship with the mother influence children?

In general, the mother is the person with whom a child spends the most time, regardless of whether they attend a school or are at home, and the child learns all the mother’s attitudes and different ways of reacting to any situation. Therefore, the character and personality of the minor tend to resemble in many ways that of his mother.

From little, they forge their character

According to the type of relationship established with the mother, the little ones form a model of themselves and also of others, which is why it is understood that the child takes from the mother the definitions of “good” and “bad” since it is she who shows them the most of the behaviors.

We have heard it countless times; there are cases in which children and adolescents who experienced constant marital conflicts from their parents also face them with their partners in the future, thus generating a toxic relationship; However, the study shows that maintaining a loving relationship with the mother prevents the creation of attitudes and facets of personality in which the minor grows up imitating these patterns.

Mom’s love can do anything.

Thanks to an exercise carried out within the same study, it was found that maintaining verbal and effective communication between the mother and the minor can avoid repeating patterns followed by her, such as marital separation, because, during the growth of a child, the mother was present offering affection, warmth, and support, making it easier for the little one to identify in the future those actions that are not correct for their physical and emotional well-being.