He ate 32 McDonald’s hamburgers and sets a new world record

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In another chapter of “Records that are useless,” we introduce you to Joey Chestnut, a man from California who ate 32 Big Mac burgers from McDonald’s.

At 36, he is now the world record holder in this category. To achieve this, it took 38 minutes and 15 seconds, in addition to spending $ 200, which was the cost of all hamburgers.

According to Joey, hamburgers are equivalent to 7 kilos of food and about 18,016 calories. The experience of this man is remarkable, as he has broken about 23 records. His name is at the top of the Major League Eating ( Major League Comelones) Yes, there is a league and the whole thing.

I always wanted to do it with Big Mac’s and really tried hard to see how many I could eat. I remember being a little boy and selling two Big Mac’s for $ 4, and my grandfather and I bought four of them. I ate three. This brings me back to those moments when I was a child.

My grandfather and I returned to the same McDonald’s every time. It’s crazy, when I go through that McDonald’s, I still think about it. I think of all the times I was there with my grandfather, and it’s strange how the food takes you back and helps you remember things. With the Big Mac, I definitely remember my grandfather.

—Joey Chestnut

Sweating ended this impressive challenge because it is not easy. He says he trains by consuming milk, water, and nutritional supplements, which makes his stomach “wider and faster,” and well, it seems to have worked out.

Just last year, he took the title of Nathan’s Famous contest of hotdogs, eating nothing more and nothing less than 71. In 2005, he won a contest to eat fried asparagus and another where he ate 32.5 cheese sandwiches, at the State Fair of Arizona.

In a couple of weeks, he will be participating in El Croquetazo, where he is the holder of the record with 185 swallowed Catalina croquettes.

May his career of success continue, until his stomach allows it.