He bought 17,700 sanitizers to resell them; They investigate him for hoarding necessity products

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In a crisis, some try to apply their best ideas to take advantage of the situation, and with the coronavirus pandemic in much of the world, it could not be different.

Matt and Noah Colvin saw what was happening with the virus, so they decided to go to all the Chattanooga supermarkets in the United States and fill their truck with cleaning and sanitizing products, thinking that they would make the best business of their lives.

As they saw that the cans of hand sanitizer, which regularly cost a dollar, were increasing in price, they spent between 10,000 and 15,000 dollars on this product, in addition to disinfecting towels, among others. The local shops were left empty.

In addition, they visited cities and even neighboring states, where they also bought an enormous quantity of items of this type, and of course, placed orders through various websites.

After adjusting everything, they started selling through Amazon and immediately sold 300 cans of hand sanitizer, priced between $ 8 and $ 70, which excited them and made them think that their profits would be enormous.

However, realizing that these products were reaching incredible prices, like this pair of brothers, were taking advantage of, Amazon decided to prohibit their sale and also canceled their account for Matt and Noah.

EBay followed suit, too, so suddenly the brilliant business left them with nearly 17,000 sanitizers in their home garage, unsure what to do with all of that.

It was a great blow. From being in a situation where what I have to sell here and there could put my family in a really good financial place, I went to “What the hell am I going to do with all this?”

—Matt Colvin

Things got worse for this pair, as authorities are investigating them for making all those purchases and trying to sell at exaggerated prices, taking advantage of the situation, so they could even face legal action against them.

Given this, they will probably start donating their items before the investigation progresses. What seemed like a financial dream may leave them bankrupt, although they and their family won’t have to worry about the coronavirus.