He disguises himself as Spider-Man and makes purchases for those in quarantine

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Like a hero, Steve Goodwin, 39, wears his Spider-Man suit and goes shopping for people who are quarantined or belong to the high-risk group in Horsham, UK.

On a daily basis, he attends his business of renting and selling superhero costumes for parties, but in the face of the coronavirus pandemic and its advance around the world, he has decided to put his grain of sand.

After he threw a birthday party for his son when he turned 10, he decided to quit his job as a graphic designer and pursue children’s entertainment with his costumes and providing party entertainment.

As is happening with businesses in a good part of the world, Steve has had difficulties because the schools closed and he has been cancelling all kinds of events in which a significant number of people gather.

The idea is to give people a reason to smile while helping self-isolated families.

Everyone loves it. People need a little encouragement right now.

—Steve Goodwin

His goal is that while he generates some income in the face of the bad situation his business is going through, he can also achieve smiles among those who are in uncertainty and remain at home.

This crisis, says Steve, reveals that doctors, teachers, researchers, product transporters and those behind the counter in stores are real-life heroes.

Forget all the celebrities and footballers who make money dumb. This crisis is making us appreciate the people who really matter.

—Steve Goodwin

The children will also be at home, being home schooled and eager to get involved. We have a small community support group on Facebook, and many people have offered help. It has been really encouraging, right now there are more offers of help than people who need it.

The response was crazy, like a snowball. It has been quite overwhelming. We will see more self-isolated families in the coming days and weeks.

—Steve Goodwin

The main thing is to take care of yourself and your family, and later if you have the opportunity to do something for others, do not hesitate and like this man become a true hero.