He does not have Internet at home and climbs a tree to continue with his virtual classes

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There may be thousands of excuses for not doing things, but those who are truly committed to doing them find a way despite the difficulties.

In El Salvador, as in much of the world, the face-to-face classes were suspended, so that millions of students continue to acquire knowledge through virtual platforms, but not all have access facilities.

Alexander Contreras has become an example of determination since in order to continue his university studies in El Salvador, he has to leave his house and climb a tree to get some signal on his phone.

The dream of this young man is to become a journalist, so he studies a degree in Communications and, as you can see, it has not been easy for him.

His own father took pictures of him on the tree with his books and taking notes of what he sees in his virtual classes, and he immediately went viral for his enormous effort.

This is how I have to receive my classes online. It is the only place where I can find a little sign. Thank God, my colleagues and professors understand my situation, and when I can’t connect, they inform me of everything they saw in class.

—Alexander Contreras, Salvadoran Communication student

The young man’s father stated that he wished he had better economic conditions so that his son could study, but he barely had enough to buy the phone, since he also does not have a computer and cannot pay for internet service at home.

I never imagined that a tree that we planted six years ago gave me the opportunity to continue studying, I invite young people to take advantage of study and more those who have the resources. Every sacrifice is worth it to achieve our dreams.

—Alexander Contreras

And his effort and attitude are beginning to pay off, because he was contacted by the Salvadoran government and apparently they will provide him the internet service.

There is no doubt: When you want, you can.