He dressed as a bush to be able to leave his house during the quarantine without being seen

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It appears that quarantine is beginning to affect us emotionally and mentally. A few days ago, we were talking about a man who, in order to escape from his house and go out for a while, ended up dressing as a dog to walk through the streets of Spain without being fined.

A man from Hertfordshire, UK, applied the same strategy and surprised his neighbors by escaping from home during the confinement. This would not be strange if it were not disguised as a bush.

Nicholas Murray and Madeline Mai-Davies noted that a bush was moving suspiciously in their neighbor’s house. When they finally paid enough attention to what was happening next door, they realized how the man was trying to escape from the isolation dressed as a lush tree, a costume that hunters use to confuse their prey, Smart boy.

Immediately Nick and Madeline pulled out their camera and began recording as their neighbor, dressed head to toe in foliage, slipped out into the backyard and walked calmly to the street entrance. In surprise, we can hear Madeline saying: “We are reaching new extremes of how to get out!”

And it is truly art what this man did to get out of the confinement, because we can even notice how he camouflages himself with the rest of the bushes so as not to attract attention, and truly one would never believe that he is a man dressed in leaves. At one point, he even rolled down the sidewalk.

We think this neighbor was just trying to make others laugh with a funny quarantine joke; There are even those who say that Madeline and Nick themselves devised all this to be able to upload it to their social networks.

Either way, it made us all laugh, and the funny images soon went viral.