He fulfilled his dream of building a pirate ship with which he will raise money for charity

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We all have dreams, something we have always wanted to achieve, but not everyone is able to achieve it, no matter the time and effort it takes.

For those who do take risks, the reward is capital. Some want to start a business, become artists, and others just want to have their own pirate ship. Ian Lottie, who lives in Plymouth, UK, is one of them.

One day, Ian thought he wanted to have a pirate ship, so he got a boat, and from 2017 he started the renovation process until he became the Dark Angel.

It was not something simple, since multiple complications have delayed him to finish his work, which he hoped was already sailing the seas.

Once you’re in the water, which I really hope will happen in the coming months, I’ll take you to the South Coast to get some money for a charity that supports children with cancer.

—Ian Lottie

He has even had to deal with a fire in the place where he works on this project, although there was no major damage, only the shock of thinking that he had lost the work to which so much time and money has been invested.

As it does not end yet, he has focused on a smaller boat, which he named Smugglers Sloop Trinity, this to have it on time and to be able to use it during the summer festivals and thus raise resources for the foundation that it supports.

Ian is proud, as he says, this is a work that he has done entirely with his own hands and without the help of anyone, and he hopes that in a few more months, he can finish the initial project. A good part of what makes up the boat is made from recycled material, which gives it even more value.

It all came touching because this man went to many festivals, and this type of craft always caught his attention, in addition to the fact that he has several friends who also love them, so he thought about having his own and participating in these events.

Through social networks, he has several followers who are witnesses to the process he leads, and they also encourage him, as they say, he has become an inspiration for his tenacity and the effort he puts into his boat.

Surely very soon we will see him sailing the seven seas.