He got drunk and his friend shaved his eyebrow; he painted it for a job interview

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Getting your first job is a situation that we all have to face some day and, of course, one of the tips we always hear for this case is that you must be presentable and well dressed.

But following this recommendation was not easy for a Twitter user known as Gooko. In this social network, he shared the anecdote of his first job interview and how he had to use the technique of Francis, Malcolm in the middle, to hide his shaved eyebrow.

It was 2013, and he had spent the whole weekend of partying with his friends, and with a few (many) drinks on top, one of them came up with the brilliant idea of ​​shaving his left eyebrow. He didn’t notice because he was very drunk too.

Everyone had fun with his new look, but Gooko’s smile was removed from his face when he remembered that in a few days, he would appear at his first job interview at a Burger King. Surely until the hangover was removed.

He searched the internet for any remedy that would help his eyebrow grow faster, but nothing was working as expected. So one of his schoolmates suggested a solution: paint his eyebrow with a marker. It wasn’t going to be fancy, but at least it could work for the interview.

So with the marked eyebrow, he introduced himself to Burger King, but although he did very well in the exams, he did not get the job. How weird, right? Obviously, they were missing out on a valuable team member, one who dares to take extreme measures for difficult situations.

After he did not get the job, he began brushing his eyebrow with a toothbrush, a trick he discovered on the internet. He recovered the hair over the eye, but his job opportunity had already passed.

To be honest, at that time I was very young and very dumb, and I really didn’t understand why I didn’t get the job, so yes, I was confused. I ended up removing the sharp eyebrow and shook the single eyebrow, which somehow was less embarrassing.

Maybe I was following Mark Renton’s wise advice on Trainspotting for job interviews. He had to make an effort to look good, but not so good as to get a job and miss the holidays with his friends who shaved his eyebrow.