He invested everything he had in a food stall and sold nothing: social media helped him then

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A new case comes, now in Brazil, in which a loving father went viral who invested what he had to set up a food stand and thus cover family expenses.

The problem is that this man had sold absolutely nothing, so sadness and disappointment washed over him. He did not have the help that would come from social networks.

His own daughter, Natalia, was the one who disclosed the situation that this man was going through, and shared a heartbreaking photo of the small business alone, and he totally dejected.

According to what the girl narrated, her father has been a bricklayer, tried to be an artist, a city councilor, a guard, and also tried to be a bus collector. He was fired from his last job, so he decided to invest what he had left to start this small snack business.

This man in the photo is my father, a simple man who has tried everything in this life.


Unfortunately, he had not sold anything, so her daughter decided to share the image on Twitter, and as we have seen on other occasions, the miracle happened.

Suddenly dozens of people showed up at the store and bought the snacks. According to Natalia, every 30 minutes, they had to be filling the sandwich baskets, and they ended up with everything they had to sell.

Of course, this made his soul return to his body, as they say around there, to his father, since he already felt how what he had invested was fading, and the worst thing is that he had no more left.

This area in Rio de Janeiro began to fill with people looking for this place, and through social networks offers came to distribute the sandwiches, as well as someone to support making design so that the business has a greater presence.

For now, they already have their Instagram account, and they know that social networks do work.