He managed to lose half his weight in just one year, and his life changed forever

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Having an adequate weight is not only a matter of fashion, appearance, or vanity, but of health, and it is incredible how much a person who imposes the firm intention of lowering those extra kilos can be transformed.

Do you remember how much you weighed when you were 20? Maybe you were “with wide bones,” but surely not as much as Kaya Tuncar, a boy from Manchester who came to weigh 190 kilos at that age. To put a point of comparison, Icelandic actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson – who plays The Mountain – weighs 179 kilograms and this young man weighed more than him. This is how it looked:

Kaya’s overweight was triggered by his sedentary lifestyle and a lousy diet that was based primarily on cheese and bacon sandwiches. 

I didn’t have a fixed meal schedule, and any visit to the refrigerator ended in a binge of flour, dairy, and meat, said kaya.

One bite at a time, this boy ended up with excessive weight for his age and decided to lose sizes when he began to feel severe chest pains. Her mother worried and suggested starting a diet program called the Cambridge Weight Plan, which had given her good results.

His mother, Michelle, weighed 127 kg, and thanks to the diet decreased to 88. This encouraged Kaya, and after much effort, in a year, he managed to eliminate half of his great weight. He had completely transformed.

”It made me more determined, seeing my mother lose weight and maintain it, the fact that we were a family and we could see the results of others drove us both.”

When he returned to the University of Manchester, he was unrecognizable, and everyone believed that he was a new student. No one could believe that that thin boy was his former obese partner.

Of course, in addition to the amazing change in his appearance, his health also improved, and he is now determined to continue his new lifestyle. Kaya is the sign that with effort and discipline, everything is possible.