He played a prank on his friends by video call and almost killed them with a scare

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Horror movies tend to be very predictable. Whenever the protagonist hears a creepy noise in the attic, he should automatically go to investigate, and the outcome is never good. We all know, it is written in the constitution of horror movies.

This cliche was recently used by a man in a video call with his friends. He wanted to play a prank on them during quarantine and used this resource to carry out a horror scene that would impress them.

We are talking about young horror film director Rob Savage, who has directed films like Salt and Dawn of the Deaf. Rob decided to use his knowledge in the cinematographic area to put together a short film where he would cheat on his friends by means of a video call, taking advantage of the fact that it is a very common resource during this confinement due to the pandemic.

The joke started a few weeks ago. Rob had never been so sociable with his friends and suddenly decided to accept making video calls with them constantly. One day he began to tell them about strange things that were happening in his house, to set the mood and start intimating them.

“No one had ever played a prank like this before, but I knew that my group of friends is full of gutsy and gullible, I have known them for years,” Rob said in an interview.

Rob began to tell his friends that he had discovered a chocolate bar wrapper that he had not seen before and was not there when he left home. His friends started joking about someone who lived in his attic, and the director confessed that he had never opened that room since he moved.

All of his friends believed him, and Rob continued to set the scene for months until, finally, during a live call, he told his colleagues that he heard noises on the ceiling and that it was time to visit the attic once and for all.

“I was afraid of ruining the scene, as there is a quick switch between the call and the prerecorded footage, I thought it would mess it up,” Rob said.

The result is truly a modern horror scene. While we were laughing, some of his friends worried about him, and Rob thinks they haven’t forgiven him yet.

I’ve been hearing strange noises in my attic, so I called some friends over to investigate.

The young man says that he told them that it was all a joke after being 30 seconds lying on the floor. His comrades’ reactions ranged from laughter to silence and concern in seconds.

To see if the prank worked, the director first tried it with his girlfriend Kate, who narrowly causes a heart attack. She was about to call the police until he told her it was a joke.

This is the first time I tried the prank with my girlfriend. No doubt his little game has been applauded this quarantine. Which one of you got scared?