He promised his sister that he would arrive at her wedding with a Llama as a companion; he fulfilled

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Mendl promised her that the day she married, he would take a llama to her wedding. She took it as a nonsense of those that Mendl used to say all the time.

Five years later, the big day arrived, in February 2020 Riva got married, and what do they think? Her younger brother came to the place with a llama in a tuxedo and surprised all the guests, who obviously thought that Mendl’s promise had been a joke.

The young man told different media that it all started when Riva was 17 years old and talked about her wedding “as if it were going to happen the next day.” Then, to annoy her, he told her initially that he would not attend her wedding. She was bothered by the hurtful comment, so to cheer her up a little, he said: “If you make me go to the wedding, I promise you that I will take a llama with me.” Riva did not imagine the weight of his words, so she replied that the llama would be totally welcome to the wedding.

This boy’s plan began to be formulated in October 2019, when his sister announced to the family that she was happily engaged, so she began to investigate how to be accompanied by a llama to the ceremony. Mendl relates that it was not difficult for him to find one, since in his town, there is a great variety of farms that had the peculiar animal, and he managed to rent to Shocky.

Mendl sent to make a suit tailored for Shocky, the traditional cap worn by the Jews. Once ready, Mendl and Shocky arrived at the ceremony and waited for their sister to leave the premises to surprise her.

In an interview, the young man mentioned that Riva was waiting for him because he constantly reminded her of the promise, even months before the wedding, so she already knew that he was serious.

Finally, and after reprimanding him, the bride had no choice but to laugh at this funny event and take pictures with the llama, which also impressed the guests with the elegant touch of the tuxedo and the kippa.

We do not believe that Riva stays with her arms crossed; maybe at her brother’s wedding, something better happens.