He studied law to be able to reunite his mother with her parents after 30 years of not seeing each other

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Gentlemen, emigrating to another country and leaving family has to be a tough decision, especially when you do it to find a better life. That is the reality of thousands of families in Latin America who let their children, grandchildren, uncles, nephews go, hoping that “on the other side of the pond” they can find a job that helps them get ahead, knowing that Maybe they won’t see each other again.

And it is that the immigration situation in the United States is increasingly critical, especially since the government of the president of this country, Donald Trump, imposed severe policies that strongly punish migrants. Now, Latinos who are on “that side” live with the constant fear of being deported, so they try to live below the radar in the hope that everything will be resolved to meet their loved ones one day.

Luis Cortés Romero is a young lawyer who managed to get his mother’s parents to meet her after 30 years of not seeing each other. Through Twitter, Luis shared the emotional reunion of this family.

I surprised my mother by reuniting her with her parents after 3 decades without seeing each other. Her parents live in Mexico, and my mother cannot visit them because of their immigration status. When I went to law school, I promised to find a way to gather them, and I could help them obtain visas.

However, and as Luis relates, achieving this meeting was not easy:

We had to go through four denials, and visas were granted on the fifth attempt. They (grandparents) live in a small rural town in Mexico, forcing them to travel several hours by bus each time. Her dad is deaf and illiterate, which made things more difficult.

Fortunately for everyone involved, after four failed attempts, the fifth was good, and everyone was happy to see each other again after three decades finally. Luis also added that shortly afterward, the whole family gathered to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday, where he had the honor of taking a picture of his mother with his dear parents.

They celebrated their father’s birthday shortly after. This is one of my favorite photos: my mother does not smile much in the photos, but we capture this at the perfect time.

Without a doubt, many families in Latin America would like to run the same fate as Luis’s grandparents. Fortunately, there are many people who advocate for the rights of immigrants, and we hope that someday, more and more people can meet their loved ones anywhere in the world.