He walks 70 km to avoid infecting anyone from Covid-19 and an unknown dog keeps him company

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Alixon Mangundok returned from Japan, where he was working on March 25. The 34-year-old man, originally from Malaysia, feared that he was infected with COVID-19, so he decided not to take public transport or that his relatives went for him.

Upon arrival at the airport, Mangundok was examined and, according to health personnel, everything was in order; however, they asked him to go to the hospital for a more detailed examination.

Alixon preferred to take precautions

Once he gave his samples in the hospital, he had to wait for the results but, since he did not know if they would be negative or positive, he preferred to walk to his city, Kota Marudu, just over 70 kilometers from the airport.

On that long road, a dog appeared and started walking alongside him. Alixon thought that the dog would soon tire and return, but it was not so; He was by his side all the way, they faced rain, sun, and weary hills. He finally named him Hachiko, after the loyal Japanese Akita dog.

The mysterious dog walked with him for several days

Both walked for three days until they reached a cabin in their hometown; In this way, he would not live with his parents or children until the results were known.

He ended up adopting it

In his first test, everything went well, and now he awaits the results of the second one, held on April 12.

Now they are best friends

Mangundok remained in isolation and commented to the American media TheStar the following:

I will not rest or visit my family until the hospital confirms that I am free of this virus. For now, Hachiko and I spend our time together in the cabin.

A very loyal friend to get through those lonely days!