He writes touching letter to his wife to help her remember her dad’s voice

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Laura’s father, Omar, died when she was seven years old, and although love has remained through time and space, she gradually forgot her voice until one day she was unable to evoke it in her memory.

So Fabián Pérez Salas, her husband, used the help of her mother-in-law to bring him back and write her a birthday letter capable of touching her heart and making her remember.

The most special gift

For her birthday, he tried to get some recording with his voice, but since there was not one, he thought of another way to bring him back. It occurred to her that a letter could capture everything Laura’s father felt for her; the problem was getting the essence of his being to speak to her heart.

So he remembered the saying that people don’t die as long as their loved ones keep them in their memory, and this gave him an idea. He contacted Mr. Omar’s closest relatives so that through their memories, they could help him write a letter thinking about what he would have said to his daughter if he continued in this world.

The result was four pages of love and memories, and an experience filled with nostalgia and much joy, thanks to which Laura was able to hear her father’s voice.

A gift from heaven

Dear daughter, where I am, there is no time, there is no pain, no crying, everything is peace and love. I will try to write this letter to you through the beings who loved me.

Today is a special day, and I present myself in these words to wish you a happy birthday, I remembered this day years ago, I was the happiest man because my beautiful daughter was born, being a dad is the best gift in life. Watching you grow up was the most beautiful thing, giving you a bottle, changing diapers, hearing you say ‘dad,’ taking your first steps, teaching you how to ride a bicycle, teaching you how to swim, skate, take you to school on my motorcycle, teach you how to paint, so many things. Now that you are a mother, you know it, there are no words to describe that feeling, give your child the most precious thing: time and love. May the commitment to the truth, love for humanity, nature, art, and sport never fail.

Today, in your day, I give you joy, warmth, smile, a beautiful sunrise, the green of nature, the trees, the sunlight, the landscape of the sea, so many beautiful things that only with spiritual eyes we see. From a distance, I give you the happiest days.

Remember, daughter, happiness is within you. For every adversity be brave, life is beautiful, and you have to live it in peace, the solution of each adverse circumstance is always in sight. Always have faith and hope, strive to be correct and safe with what you undertake. I am proud of you.

Remember me always with joy. We all have time and space in this earthly world. Be happy, always cultivate the spiritual. Humor and respect are two great virtues that will make you a wise woman.

My blessing from heaven. I loved you, I love you, and I will love you forever.