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Arguably the first real superfood to make it big in the media, pomegranates have proven themselves over the years. Studies have shown the tasty (and messy) fruit can help prevent everything from strokes to diabetes to Alzheimers.

On top of all of that, it is also bursting with antioxidants that are good for keeping a healthy heart. What’s not to love?



Kale shouldn’t just be for hipsters who love to frequent Trader Joe’s. We should all be using the leafy green more in our meals because of the nutrients it’s packing. Kale is loaded with fiber, antioxidants, and (the good) omega-3 fatty acids.

That means not only is it tasty, but it will help prevent heart disease.


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Garlic is such a powerful superfood that they actually sell garlic pills. The most impressive effect of garlic is that it helps lower the plaque levels in your arteries so they don’t get clogged.

It’s easy to incorporate this superfood into your diet: just use it in everything you cook. Let your heart tell you how much garlic to use in a recipe.


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Salmon is a particularly oily fish, which means it’s packed with those extra good omega 3 fatty acids. That means if you can incorporate more salmon into your diet, you’ll be able to better prevent blood clots and fight off heart disease.

Science has even gone so far as to say the omega 3’s in salmon could help fight dementia.

Red Wine

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Wine? As a superfood? You have my undivided attention. Everything is best in moderation, which is exactly what scientists have said with red wine. Red wine not only helps reduce built-up cholesterol, but it also makes sure your blood vessels stay flexible, which will reduce blood clots.

You know what they say: “A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away!” Right?


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The spice is commonly found today in curry but it’s been used as a medicinal spice for centuries by East Asian and Southern Pacific peoples. The bright orange spice contains a compound called curcumin which helps stop your heart from getting enlarged.

That means some extra dashes of turmeric can help with obesity and heart disease.


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Not only are oranges refreshing, but they’re the perfect superfood to help with your cholesterol. Oranges contain a fiber called pectin that helps absorb extra cholesterol in foods. Less cholesterol means a healthier you!

The super fruit is also packed with potassium that will help neutralize the proteins that could contribute to heart failure.


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No, we’re not lying, chocolate really CAN be good for you. Sadly, it’s once again meant in moderation. Dark chocolate has antioxidants called flavonoids that can help you maintain a lower blood pressure.

Eating an entire Costco-sized bag of M&M’s? Bad. Eating a few pieces of dark chocolate? Good! We can live with that.


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Science has proven that eating just three servings of blueberries over the course of a week can help reduce your blood pressure. There have even been studies that show the super fruit can reduce some underlying causes of cancer.

Considering it has so many healthy benefits, it would be easy to add a handful of berries to your oatmeal each morning.


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There’s a good reason why lentils tend to be a vegetarian’s best friend: they’re packed with protein!

You don’t have to be on a plant-based diet though to enjoy the benefits of lentils and beans. Toss a few into your salad or whip up some lentil couscous like the superfood super-chef you are.



Sardines aren’t exactly the tastiest superfood but they’re packed with omega 3 fatty acids. These acids will help give you some better cholesterol and stop inflammation in your heart.

This superfood might be a little harder to incorporate into your diet, but hey, that’s what creativity is for.


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Nuts are packed with protein, but almonds, in particular, are also loaded with nutrients that can help with your memory intelligence, and reduce the risk of diabetes.

They say eating a handful of almonds can do all this and more, so hear me out: chocolate-covered almonds. You’ll get the best of both worlds!


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Avocados aren’t just for millennials to spread over toast instead of buying houses. Alongside being delicious and the main ingredient in guacamole, avocados are also the perfect healthy fat.

The superfood is packed with monounsaturated fats which are easy for your body to break down and will help you heart grow even stronger.

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