Healthy energy drinks without caffeine

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If you drink a lot of coffee in the morning to start your day with more vitality and focus on work, keep in mind that this is not healthy. Caffeine in large quantities generates addiction. Some drinks are healthier and even more effective for increasing energy for exercise or coping with an intense day. If you want to wake up and reduce tiredness, you do not need to abuse coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

Healthy drinks that provide energy

Matcha green tea

This tea is a coffee substitute that does not contain caffeine, gives you energy, clears your mind and helps you stay focused. The matcha tea originates from China and is processed to keep all their vitamins and antioxidants. In addition to staying awake, drinking matcha tea is very good for your health.

Coconut water

If you are looking for a natural, healthy and energy drink, drink coconut water without added sugar. Not only will you restore your energy, but it is the perfect drink after exercise, because it helps replenish the minerals you lose through sweat. Coconut water hydrates, it is very good for the kidneys, for the gastrointestinal system and for balancing blood pressure and cholesterol.


Chicory is an infusion that tastes very similar to coffee but does not contain caffeine. It is a good option to drink in the morning, as it provides energy, as well as vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Another advantage is that it helps you fight constipation.

Smoothies of green vegetables and fruits

Green vegetables are very rich in chlorophyll, which oxygenates the blood and gives you physical and mental energy. But if you consume them with fruits, glucose transforms into more energy and also provides vitamin C; This vitamin, if combined with the iron of spinach or cabbage, reduces fatigue. An excellent energy green smoothie is kale juice, spinach, cucumber and lemon.

Pure water

No matter what the soda ads say, water is the most delicious and healthy drink in the world. Not only does it guarantee optimal oxygen transport in your body, but it also detoxifies your body and fills you with energy. The recommended amount of water per day is 30 to 40 ml per kilogram of body weight, approximately 2 to 2.5 liters for adults.

If you want to clear yourself in the morning and start your day with more vitality, you don’t need to drink coffee. These healthy drinks help you perform at your best, as well as focus better on your work or study.

Did you know them? Do not forget to share these recipes to avoid caffeine and improve health, without losing energy.