His flight to Paris is canceled and he improvises an Eiffel Tower to propose his beloved

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Erika and Luke are an American couple whose plans to travel to another country were canceled by the COVID-19 epidemic. They had planned to go to Paris to visit Erika’s sister, but, for obvious reasons, they had to suspend the flight. Safety for them was more important.

The trip they had planned for quite some time had to be delayed until further notice, and that had greatly discouraged them.

That trip to Paris was very special

In an interview, Erika confessed how eager they were to make that dream come true.

Luke and I have been dating for over four years, so I had a feeling that Paris would be very romantic and special, and I was expecting something exciting to happen there.

A week after canceling the flight, Luke went out with his brother on a Friday, and when he returned, he asked Erika to take a walk through downtown Fredericksburg; It seemed a little strange to her, and she never imagined what was going to happen.

The plans changed, but the intention did not.

He took her to an alley where he had drawn an Eiffel Tower and an Arc de Triomphe, he also laid roses and generally improvised a rather romantic setting, then he knelt down and asked her to marry him.

The original idea was an unforgettable proposal in Paris, but since that would no longer be possible, he had to use his imagination a little.

It wasn’t exactly the Eiffel Tower, but it counts, right?

Her brother, AJ, was hiding behind a bush taking photos. Fredericksburg has become a home for us in recent years, so it was incredibly special to say “yes” here.

The engagement was perfect and special, and she said yes.

Although it was not Paris, and the coronavirus turned our spring break upside down, our engagement was perfect and very special. It will always be a reminder to look on the bright side in stressful situations and stay positive.

Sure, because everything is perfect when you are with the right person