His trip to Iceland was canceled, but he found a better way to ask for marriage.

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Ian and Kayla are a couple who have been together for two years. He soon realized that she is the woman in his life and thought of the most wonderful way to propose to her. 

His intentions were amazing, as he had planned a trip to Iceland to do so. He even knew very well the place where he would kneel before her. That Nordic country is full of white glaciers, green fields, and dreamy landscapes, it would be more than perfect, or so I thought. The Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent quarantine caused him to change his plans completely.

The worst part was that Kayla discovered the secret when her boyfriend talked about it during a call with one of his friends, so goodbye surprise factor. They both felt very bad to see how the illusion of that day disappeared. Ian had to think of another way to give her a ring without her expecting it. His new idea was not as spectacular as he thought in Iceland, but it was extremely cute and melted the heart. 

He took his girl on a walk in the woods to the top of a mountain. What she did not know is that he took photos with cards that included very special messages before reaching the top.

But why little cards? Ian says he is not good at expressing himself in words, so he chose to declare part of the surprise in writing. She was not expecting it and saw the whole photo story after the walk, which was extremely creative and romantic for her.

It all started as a casual walk in the woods

I don’t think she knows.

Their puppies accompanied them too

But I hope she says YES.

She could not imagine what was happening behind her back

I think she at least knows I love her.

I was so distracted trying to reach the target

I love her because she is smart.

That she did not notice the great surprise

I love her because she is pretty.

Her boyfriend wanted to make sure she didn’t expect it.

I love her because she sees the best in people.

And I was doing great

I love her because I want to love her forever.

Very soon I would ask her the big question

I hope she loves me too.

Would everything go as planned?

I hope she wants to get married because I’m going to ask her soon.

Let’s see

Coming Soon.

It was the perfect time and place

And Kyla said yes!

The ring was special, as was she

No trip was necessary for an unforgettable request.