Hockey player flirted with Anna Kendrick and his friends backed him like this

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Apparently, the professional player and hockey star Anthony Beauvillier (New York Islanders) is hopeful that Christmas miracles will occur because on December 25, the athlete sent a “Hello” to the beautiful actress Anna Kendrick through a tweet, hoping to receive an answer.

That is not the most impressive thing about this story, but the support he received from his teammates, friends, and fans who, seeing this attempt at flirting, backed Anthony by telling the best stories they have with him, leaving him well standing.

1. Here we have the brave man

2. His partner Bruno Gervais came out to face him

3. Beau rescued some kittens

4. Now it turns out that it is up to the surgeon

5. And help other grannies

6. Is that man a hero?

7. Everyone has something to thank Anthony

8. Even NASA looks for it to save the world

9. And the children of the orphanage miss him

10. Beau helps to paint churches, what a barbarian

11. What good memories

12. And he did all that without a kidney

But, if they thought that Anna ignored Anthony and his great personality and altruism, they are wrong, as the singer also read each and every tweet and thanked for making her days more entertaining.

And someone didn’t miss the chance to remind Anna of something extremely important in a hockey player:

Although the actress is not married, reports indicate that she has a long-standing relationship with cinematographer Ben Richardson, so, for the moment, we doubt she will listen to Beau’s poor man, although I don’t think Richardson saves kittens and donates his organs to complete strangers, point to Anthony Beauvillier.