How long does it take to recover a broken heart

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When a relationship ends, it begins a process full of emotional pain, nostalgia, fear, uncertainty, and sadness; become aware that this special being with whom there were plans for the future is no longer there and modify the daily routine and habits – without involving that person – becomes difficult and almost impossible to cope with.

Going through a love break causes a sudden and obligatory change. The habit is broken, and an encounter with loneliness, with the self, starts, something that many fear. The first days – weeks – are the most complicated, but with the passage of time, everything improves. The question here is: how long does it take to heal a broken heart?

Different studies provided the answer.

An investigation published in the Journal of Positive Psychology and prepared by Gary Lewandowski and Nicole Bizzoco pointed out that, a total of 155 adults surveyed who were involved six months before in a breakup, 71 percent took three months to see the positive aspects of their love break This does not mean that they have forgotten their relationship in such a short time, but they did accept that pain is learning and experience that helps them grow emotionally.

A study by Binghamton University and University College London indicated that a person takes between six months and two years to overcome a breakup. Both institutions conducted questionnaires to more than 5,000 people in 96 countries, finding that:

  • Women suffer more intensely than men.
  • The men initiate another relationship without having overcome a previous break.

Experts in psychology say that when the end of a relationship comes, different stages are crossed to overcome the break:

Denial and Isolation

The person denies reality and acts as if everything remains the same. It is a short period that occurs as a form of protection; The impact of the breakup is so great that it is not assimilated.


The situation begins to be accepted. This phase is decisive, since there may be an approach with the other person and worsen the situation or begin to accept that things have ended.


All hope of recovering that person is lost, begins to be objective, to realize that there is no going back.


It begins to visualize a new future, and it is accepted that the relationship ended and, when less expected, another special person arrives.