How to bathe a puppy

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Before the arrival of a dog puppy home, it is normal for emotion to overwhelm, and with that, we do not think of care like the bathroom. You may even believe that during the first year of the dog’s life, it is not necessary to go through the bathtub, but what to do if it becomes dirty? 

The key is to consult the veterinarian, although you can also guide yourself with these steps in which we explain how to bathe a puppy.

Our puppy has just arrived home, and in the first few days, we are busy pampering him to meet him, but anyway, we have many doubts, and one of the main ones is about how and when to wash the puppy. The main thing, before putting it in the water, is to let him familiarize himself with the new environment, the spaces and the components of his new family, and then do what we now explain.

How to bathe a puppy

  1. One of the keys when giving our puppy his first bath is to avoid traumatizing him immediately while remembering that he may still miss his mother’s sweetness and warmth. Let the dog get used to the smells, and above all, you must ensure that the dog feels welcome and an integral part of the family.
  2. In the beginning, we can also use dry soaps, which are delicate and suitable for the skin of our puppy. Or use a soft cloth and moisten it with warm water. Once you have finished washing it, you have to pet and curl the dog so that it feels protected.
  3. When we realize that it is ready ( not before one month after arriving home and at two or three months of age ), we can proceed with the traditional bath in the house bathtub, or in a container outside in the garden.
  4. The first few times, it is important that you use very little water, and you will not be too distracted by any of their toys so that you can bathe it without a problem.
  5. At the time you have to bathe the puppy, it will be important that you also use a soft sponge, a specific soap for dogs, and that you rub lightly on the spine, legs, and belly, being very careful to avoid head, eyes, and ears
  6. When we have passed that first bath to the puppy, the next few times, you can try to fill the bathtub or the container until the water reaches the chest.
  7. After soaping it, simply rinse the puppy with warm water, avoiding the hand shower that can be scary. It is better that we throw the water directly to the hair with the help of a glass or pass it directly with the hand while we massage the whole body of the dog.