How to choose a healthy cookie?

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Cookies are the main portion in the breakfast of millions of people, and the widespread custom is not to choose a healthy cookie, but one that tastes good. But industrial cookies, although they are very practical and appetizing, can contain very harmful substances. 

Instead, it is recommended that you choose cookies that are good for your health. If you choose well, you will discover that they are much more delicious than the industrial ones.

What does the industrial cookie contain?

Most people consume industrial biscuits with breakfast and snacks, making the meal based on saturated fats, preservatives, flavorings, and colors. If you read the label of cookie packages, there may be several ingredients of this type, which often appear with number and letter codes.

You can also see that they include large amounts of refined sugars, vegetable oils, and processed white cereals that are very low in fiber and protein. For the most part, these are simple carbohydrates and derivatives of milk and eggs.

Although there are many brands of cookies that have eliminated some dangerous substances from their recipes, such as palm oil and hydrogenated vegetable fats, industrial cookies are often unhealthy food. These ingredients favor obesity, increase cholesterol, blood pressure, and can trigger allergies in people with food intolerances.

How to make a healthy cookie?

If you want to consume a healthy cookie, you must opt ​​for a product that is as organic as possible. The best alternative is to make cookies at home because you can use healthy flours, oatmeal, nuts, and seeds, as well as complex carbohydrates, which help you maintain your weight and promote the proper functioning of your body.

Homemade wholemeal cookies are very rich in natural fibers. You can make them with cocoa or dark chocolate, with organic sugar, cane sugar, or Muscovado. To add a touch of flavor, add raisins, almonds, nuts, cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, or create your own cookies with a combination of healthy ingredients, the ones you like best.

Making cookies at home is an excellent idea because you avoid the harmful substances that manufacturers use to increase their flavor and preserve them for longer. To keep them well, you should only store them in a container that has a tight seal.

To prepare a healthy cookie, you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen or spend too much. There are delicious and inexpensive recipes that you can prepare in a few minutes to serve your family a healthy and homemade breakfast.

Be sure to share these tips to avoid industrialized cookies that cause excess weight and health problems. Do you know how to prepare healthy cookies at home? Leave us a comment with your favorite recipe!