How to climb a rope

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It is not very common to have to climb a rope, but it is done, for example, in a gym, a climbing activity, or any other sporting activity that requires it. If you want to know how to climb a rope, read on and take note of the keys to do it correctly and as easily as possible.

It is very important that before you start climbing a rope, you are clear that it is a safe activity and that there is no risk of an accident, and if there is, you must carry the necessary protection.

Steps to climb a rope

  1. The first thing you have to do is grab the rope with both hands over your head.
  2. Pull the rope down to be able to propel yourself and move up. This will allow you to get up in the air.
  3. Once in the previous position, wind the rope on one leg and use your feet to tighten the rope, as if you were doing it with an anchor.
  4. Try to get as high as possible with your arms and hold tight. 
  5. Release the part of the rope that you hold with your feet and, doing sit-ups, bring your knees to your chest and put your feet back so that you hold the rope.
  6. Stand up with your legs to propel yourself and reach as high as possible with your arms.
  7. Repeat the previous two steps over and over until you reach the top of the rope.
  8. With all the above, you will have managed to climb a rope easily.
  9. When going down, loosen the pressure you make with your feet to be able to slide. Distribute your body weight evenly between your feet and hands. Slide your feet down and place one hand over the other to go down.

Recommendations for climbing a rope

  • Some ropes have knots, which help you rest your feet as you climb with your hands.
  • Take short breaks when you need it, you don’t want to pull it all up when you haven’t mastered it yet.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that prevent your skin from rubbing against the rope since the friction could burn or irritate you.