How to dress a newborn to leave the hospital

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Giving birth to a baby is one of the most rewarding experiences for those who wish to start a family, but once we have had the baby, doubts begin about all kinds of issues, from those that have to do with health and others that they may be somewhat more trivial, but not less important. 

Let’s see below a guide of steps in which we will explain how to dress a newborn to leave the hospital.

Steps to dress a newborn to leave the hospital

  1. To cope with the trip from the hospital to the home, consider the temperature changes. Therefore, you should dress the child properly. If it’s very cold outside, definitely opt for a long-sleeved body, wool socks, and a plush or fleece suit. Complete the outfit of the newborn with a hat to cover the head and ears well.
  2. If temperatures are mild, you should opt for a body with short sleeves, cotton socks, and a cotton jumpsuit. Jackets are difficult for a newborn to wear. Therefore, to make the trip from the hospital to the home, wrap it in fleece or in a cotton cover, depending on the season.
  3. Shoes are not indispensable. In fact, babies’ suits almost always cover even the feet. The father will have to take the baby carrier from where to place the newborn for his first trip from the hospital to the home. It is undoubtedly an exciting time, but don’t get caught off guard. Do not carry the baby in arms, to avoid dangerous blows of air and bacteria.
  4. Also, before starting on the car trip, change the diaper. This procedure is useful for a longer or shorter trip. You should also ensure that the newborn has eaten, so as not to stop on the way home. The route must be followed calmly and without speeding.
  5. For a safe trip by car from the hospital to the home, do not move the baby from its carrier. Therefore, place it in the seat and secure it with the seat belt. The new devices are equipped with specific seat belts that must be connected to the rear seat of the car. Clearly, during the whole trip, you don’t have to leave your baby alone. Sit next to the child for any eventuality. It could accidentally regurgitate. You will have to intervene so that the child does not suffocate. Upon arriving home, the baby will feel the warmth and affection of all their loved ones.