How to get your dog to stop barking

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A dog bark is normal since it is his main way of communicating, but when he does it excessively, it can become a problem, especially for your neighbours. Do you want to know how to make your dog not bark? Keep reading, and you will see that there are several ways to get it.

Why do the dogs bark?

There can be several causes, especially when they need something, when they want to get attention and also when they feel fear. Many do it when they feel alone, especially when they spend a lot of their time alone.

You should never punish a dog for barking as it can make their behaviour worse and get the opposite effect. With love and good manners, you can train your dog so that he does not bark and also improve your relationship with him.

Steps to make your dog not bark:

  1. Tranquillity and relaxation: Both at home and outside, you should encourage your dog to be relaxed and calm, even if he is playing in a park. Caresses and massages are highly recommended, especially as a reward for good behaviour and not to bark excessively.
  2. Release stress: Maybe your dog barks because he is stressed for some reason, something that can be changed by exercising, playing with him or paying more attention. Be patient as experts say that a dog takes about 20 days to release stress from its body.
  3. Crossing with other dogs: If your dog barks when it intersects with other dogs on the street, it is best to continue with the walk as if nothing happened. Do not quarrel or stop, follow calmly and firmly, let your dog notice that it does not affect him or even you.
  4. Stimuli: On many occasions, dogs react with barks to various stimuli, such as seeing other dogs, a bell, loud sounds, at that time, ask them to sit down and focus on their well-being, feel better, more calm.
  5. Very stressful situations: If there comes a time when a situation becomes very stressful because it barks a lot for any reason, it is best to leave there. The dog probably feels fear or insecurity, and it could be from other dogs, fireworks, many people that make its stress increase and react with barking without being able to stop.
  6. Quiet walks: If it is easily disturbed and barks, choose to walk quiet times and places. This makes the dog can relax and enjoy the walk more, which will undoubtedly give more peace of mind and will be a good way to keep your dog from barking.
  7. Do not force him: Avoid forcing him to be in contact with other people or dogs, he will do so when he is ready or when he feels like it. In this sense, think about whether you like to be forced to enjoy something with someone with whom you don’t feel like it or don’t feel like doing it.

Do you know any other way to keep your dog from barking?