How to Not Get Drunk Quickly

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If you want to enjoy the whole party and not end up asleep drunk in an armchair, you should know these drinking tricks and the drink mixes that get you drunk sooner. So take note of this valuable information that heals.

For starters, it is well known that if you have not eaten, it is easier for alcohol to go to your head faster. According to Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa, any food slows down the absorption of alcohol. So many of us are always accompanying our drink with some chicken wings, french fries, pizza, or a hamburger.

There are those who start by drinking a beer or a glass of champagne, to whet the appetite. But in reality, these carbonated drinks irritate the stomach when empty. The recommended thing is a glass of wine or a gin and tonic before eating.

Dr. Roshini also says that we have to take into account the absorption time of alcohol in the body. An adult man is able to remove alcohol from a 12 gram cocktail in 60 minutes. In other words, if we drink more than that in an hour, our body will not be able to digest alcohol in time, and we will get drunk in a couple of hours.

If we start drinking about three beers and then go to a cocktail, we will not get drunk as soon as if we have a cocktail and continue with another. This happens because the beer has less degrees of alcohol, and when we drink it, our body gets used to a milder poisoning.

Also, if we start with a cocktail and continue with beers, we are likely to drink more beer because our body needs the fast intoxication that we gave it with the starter drink. If you must choose, it is better to start with beer and then cocktails, not the other way around.

Another recommendation that Dr. Rajapaksa made is that after each bottle of beer or each glass of cocktail, we drink a glass of water. This will help hydrate the body and prevent the hangover from being too strong.