How to wear masks to protect yourself from the coronavirus correctly

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The sale of masks is reaching peak levels due to the expansion of the coronavirus throughout the world. It seems that in no corner of the planet can we protect ourselves from this life-threatening virus. Masks and disinfectant gels are the only weapons that the population possesses to be able to cope with the massive spread of this disease. Not all masks are the same, nor do they protect in the same way. You have to be very clear about the type of mask and how to put it on to be effective. Take note of everything you need to know to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: What kind of mask protects

Only health personnel and people who care for those infected should put it on. In this way, you will avoid the virus can affect you, although they are not completely safe.

FFP3 type masks are the only ones that protect against poisons, toxic, aerosols and smoke. According to the Ministry of Health, this model or the FFP2 are the most recommended to cope with the coronavirus, the other brands or models are not effective.

The FFP3 has a 98% protection barrier and the FFP2 model of less than 92%. Although there is always a fear of infection and there is a low percentage of the coronavirus affecting us, these types of masks are the only ones that guarantee certain effectiveness. The other models are useless.

How to put on the mask to protect yourself from the coronavirus

  • The first step to putting on the mask is to wash your hands correctly. We must wash our hands with disinfectant, alcohol or soap and water.
  • Mouth and nose should be covered. There should be no space between the face, and the mask or we will let in any negative element. It is recommended not to touch the mask while wearing. If we touch it, we must wash our hands sooner.
  • The mask should be changed when it is wet and should never be reused. It must be removed from behind, and the front part is not touched.

Next, we wash our hands again, disinfect and put on a new mask. Only in this way will we be able to avoid contagion or minimize any risk against coronavirus.