If you are a travel lover, these tips are for you!

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If you are planning to make a trip, do not forget to follow these tips and guidance so you can enjoy your relaxing days.

If you have the opportunity to go on vacation and during these days of rest you want to travel to different places, here are some tips for you to have a few days of relaxation, and below all are safe.

Do not forget to read these tips and advice that we give you to have the trip you always dreamed of. 

Some tips for enjoying without worries:

6. Find out in advance

It is necessary that before choosing the destination, you should know about the conditions of the place and make sure that your vehicle will be able to travel on that road or what could arise during the drive. For example, not all vehicles can travel on unpaved roads or trails, or in other cases, if the car does not have fog lights, it will not be able to cross the road in Fog.

5. Vehicle technical review: 

Days before the trip, it is necessary to check the engine, brakes, directions, and tires. It is very important that a professional review these main parts and that these are in perfect condition to avoid possible accidents and possible difficulties along the way.

4. Traffic status

Before leaving, it is important to plan about the road, its traffic and evaluate the possibility of using alternate routes to avoid congestion. For this, we have several Apps that assess traffic in real-time and warn of possible accidents and vehicular congestion.

3. Lights on

On route, with considerable speed, it is essential that the low lights are on, and each movement should be performed by announced with the directional ones.

2. Safety

It is most important that children over 13 years and adults travel with tight safety belts and that babies or younger children have special chairs that are fixed to the seat with the vehicle’s seat belt. Children have small height; they cannot be well protected only with the seat belt.

1. Rest during the trip

If you are on a long route and the journey exceeds 4 hours, it is recommended that you schedule one or two stops for an estimated time of 15 to 30 minutes so that the driver can sleep or just rest, and then you can continue the journey.