If your boyfriend asks for your passwords, he doesn’t love you: Study

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The dependence on electronic devices, mainly smartphones through which we not only work but also buy or inform ourselves, are the primary means of contact for our social life, have generated new forms of control in relationships.

If you think jealousy is a “romantic show of love,” check out the most famous passion crimes in history. And if your partner wants to access your email accounts or conversations through social networks or messaging applications, you should turn on alert lights. There should be limits in everything, and privacy matters, keep remember it always.

The progressive escalation of jealousy and control

Jealousy is an emotional response to the fear of losing something that we believe belongs to us and that we greatly appreciate, so to some extent it could be considered as “normal”; but when it climbs to pathological levels, it can be extremely self-destructive, since jealousy usually increase progressively, resulting in a need for control that covers all areas of life: yes, this includes requiring the review of your devices.

Using technology can cause jealousy in the couple unconsciously.

Social networks and other messaging applications can generate jealousy in the couple, consciously or unconsciously, since everyone can interpret messages or even emojis differently or even interactions as like.

70% of people have checked their partner’s cell phone

According to surveys, at least seven out of 10 people have checked their partner’s cell phone, tablet or computer at some point in their relationship to find out who and what they are talking about in networks or messaging. If someone doesn’t even trust you in such little thing, how can one be faithful to you for the whole life? Think again about your relation.

From jealousy to obsession

The relationship specialists point out that the curiosity to know what happens in the lives of the people we love is natural, up to a certain limit, says Alicia Canabal, of the clinic of the Center for Research in Applied Psychology and Psychotherapy in Madrid, It can reach a point where mistrust results in disrespect.

Espionage in the relationship, a signal to end

According to the specialist, when the espionage starts. It is because the pillars of the relationship are not well-grounded, and their status should be reviewed if they should continue.

Social networks are a double-edged sword where we can conjecture past relationships that generate more insecurity, rather than tranquility, which is what is supposed to sneak into the other’s private space.

Just keep it in mind that if your partner wants to access your any social media application or your passwords, etc., don’t take it as usual, and its time to be alert.