If your relationship started in Tinder it could last forever: study

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Know your soulmate through an application? About 10 years ago, it was thought to be something almost impossible and, above all, nothing viable; However, today, it is more common than we think thanks to Tinder, also with a greater probability of maintaining a stable and mature relationship.

Although there is always the possibility that each appointment is debut and farewell, many people have found love by giving themselves the opportunity to meet that special match. 

Economists Philipp Hergovich, from the University of Vienna, and Josué Ortega, from the Center for European Economic Research, conducted a study that showed that those who know each other way are more successful if they get married. They studied 19 thousand marriages that had met in Tinder and in traditional situations, of which those who made online matches and arrived at the altar turned out to be stronger than those who met and related in a “traditional” environment.

They have greater stability.

It is known that currently one-third of marriages were achieved after sustaining an online relationship, as well as 70 percent of same-sex relationships, so it is understood that this stability is formed through the use of social networks, mostly when talking about personal interaction in order to get to know someone else thoroughly; such is the case of interracial couples because with this type of application the horizons and the chances of success in a marriage born from a relationship of a social network are expanded by 33 percent.

Your social circle grows.

Likewise, users of these social networks have the possibility of meeting people who are completely outside their social circle and the environment in which they develop, so it is easier to start from scratch, without common links, and thus Friendships will strengthen and be stronger, compared to those in which the same number of friends is always shared.