In Dublin they hire homeless people as tour guides


For some governments, the homeless are a “public problem” that they pay attention to; however, for the representatives of Dublin in Ireland, these people are the best tour guides.

No one knows the streets of a city as well as a homeless person who has slept on the sidewalk of each avenue; Therefore, in Dublin, they have been hired as tour guides, giving them a chance and making this world a better place.

A heart initiative

There are simply no properties necessary for the number of people living in the streets. Homelessness could be socially acceptable and become the norm.

—Derek McGuire, tour guide

The initiative came to Dublin after Tom Austin, a Trinity College student, was on a tour of homeless people in Vienna. His idea was supported by the now co-founders Pierce Dargan and Gareth Downey and obtained monetary support from Dublin Simon Community, a non-profit organization.

Get ready for an unforgettable trip.

For 10 euros, tour guides can tell you unique and real stories of how to survive on the streets; In addition, to take you to know various places without the worry of getting lost.

In this way, Dublin solves two critical issues: giving work and reintegrating the homeless into society, and attending to tourism in a very humane and enjoyable way.

At the start of every tour, the guides introduce themselves and explain how they became homeless. One of our primary goals is to change how people look at those experiencing homelessness.

The tour is 90 minutes, and it costs €10. The tour is designed to convey awareness to the heightened social crisis.


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