In Italy you get paid 900 dollars a month to live in this rustic town

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Surely you saw the movie, When in Rome, starring the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and you fell in love with the landscapes that the Eternal City has, and that is also where it began to dream of a possibility of living in Italy to enjoy delicious food, and why not: meet true love in that place.

So if that is your case, this will amuse you, because Italy pays for people from other countries to move to their villages and enjoy how beautiful each one of them is.

What areas of Italy do this?

This is Molise, one of the 20 Italian regions located in the centre of the country and has around 10 towns, which total of 106 villages, which are those that house those interested in the proposal.

Why do they do it?

The proposal was initiated by Antonio Tedeschi, regional adviser of Molise, because due to the lack of inhabitants there has been no trade and those who are still in the villages must move to nearby towns to make their purchases.

And although it may seem strange, the majority of the population born in Italy migrates to other places, can you believe it? They miss the beautiful scenery! In addition to that, almost 30% of its population are people 60 years and older.

They pay to live in their villages!

As you read it, since the population is very small, the city government concluded that people from other countries should be brought to live in Molise, so an offer was made in which they would give them an approximate monthly of 15 thousand pesos. A dream come true!

What commitments do you have?

Although everything sounds very nice, the reality is that another of the government’s intentions is to reactivate the economy of that area, so some conditions must be met if you are interested in moving.

The most important is that you must open a business and stay at least 3 years in one of the towns with less than 2,000 inhabitants.

We want people to invest here. They can open any type of business: a restaurant, a stationery store, a bakery, anything! It is a way of giving life to cities and increasing the population.

—Donato Toma, president of Molise.

In addition, in the case of living in a population with less than 2 thousand inhabitants, little more than 200 thousand pesos per month will be received to build infrastructure and invest in cultural spaces.

Who can apply?

Anyone; However, being one of the countries with a population in which citizens have a low birth rate, young people or couples with children are sought to give even more joy to the villages.